All set? Go

Soooo. Actually I am ready to go! I just have to wait 5 more days to leave and start my adventure. On the 20th the introduction week starts, with loads of activities in the city. The first semester officially starts 28th of August, but since my timetable is already available, I found out the first lecture is on the 2nd of October. In the meantime I hope to make some friends already and to set up my room a bit.

2017-09-07 10_09_29-National Oceanography Centre - Google Maps

On the map you can see the airport – a direct line from Amsterdam, lucky me. From the airport I can take the bus U1 straight to my flat, which is somewhere around the ‘m‘ of the Southampton label. My faculty is situated within the National Oceanography Centre and I can bike there in 10 minutes (if I have a bike). It is 1,9 miles according to Google maps, that’s 3 kilometers. I have to get used to the English metric system.

My room will look something like this. Not with the purple though. I am sharing the kitchen with my flatmates. Don’t know who or how many yet. Everyone has their own bathroom and all the rooms are furnished. A first trip to IKEA is necessary still, to buy beddings, lamps and towels.  I don’t mind (:


O! And I hope to find a poster like this somewhere to decorate my walls.

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