Arrived in Southampton!

What a day. This morning Rob drove me to the airport and I was ready as ever to start my new adventure! Up until I panicked because the parking was full and maybe Rob couldn’t join me in to say a proper goodbye, and I was scared to miss the flight, and maybe this all wasn’t such a good idea after all?

Haha, now I can laugh. Goodbye was sweet, customs went great and the flight was so quick. I arrived at Southampton airport at 10.05 am like this:

Waiting for the bus

Don’t know if my face shows but I was excited (and still am) and well prepared. Just how I like it. The bus took me to Giddy Bridge – welcome to England and fun English.  My bags were heavy as can be, but I was happy to carry them. I had started packing two weeks ahead. So when I arrived at my room and started unpacking I was impressed with what I had brought.

I spent the afternoon unpacking, making TO DO lists and going to IKEA. IKEA was bad though. Its no fun on your own, and lugging along all the heave plates and big beddings is not easy on the bus. I managed… Pff

I’ve met two of my flatmates, who I’m really happy to have around. Charly is a very talkative girl and she seems to have the same interests a me. Sarah is a bit quieter but she’s shows to be generous and sincere. Whats not to like! The upcoming days I meet the two other flatmates (also girls), so we’ll be with five.
The flat is tidy and clean, the girls are up for cooking and eating together. I’m a happy camper.

Now I’m on my bed (fresh sheets <3) and I guess I’ll watch some Netflix before going to sleep. Tomorrow another round of IKEA.

4 thoughts on “Arrived in Southampton!

  1. Good to read that you have fun. And, I guess it is thrill to be there. I look forward to more stories of your stay there.
    Dearest regards,


  2. Tjee Charlotte leuk dat ik jouw reactie ook kan zien, ben er nog niet zo in thuis, Een ondernemende generatie is die van jullie. groet Imelda , moeder van Jouke .


  3. Supergoed om te horen dat je leuke huisgenootjes hebt! Aan de naam zal het niet liggen 😉 Hoe was je eerste nacht daar?

    Ben heel benieuwd naar je ervaringen komende tijd, leuk om het zo ook te kunnen volgen 😀 Meer foto’s!!!

    Succes bij Ikea weer 😛



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