10 Random facts

10 Random facts about my time in Southampton so far

  • Ambulances make the funniest sounds here. They have a whole range of different vocals going on. I wonder if there’s a person in the back playing DJ. I’ll have to record this.
  • You have to be 21 to buy a knife in the UK. That’s true. I tried.. well I bought a knife at IKEA. When I was at the self-service scanner thingy, scanning my products, it suddenly stopped. An employee came over and asked me if I am 21. ‘Uhh yes, …what??’ ‘Mam I’ll have to see your ID’. How weird is that rule? As if someone under 21 is more likely to stab someone than a 21+ person?
  • One of my flatmates’ name is Charlotte. I know from experience that means I am one lucky girl! (And from having fun talks together like yesterday evening)
Liberty point – my home
  • The tap water tastes like chlorine. I still have to find out if that’s really the case or only my imagination. Either way, the tap water in the Netherlands is better #spoiled
  • I went to my faculty – the National Oceanography Centre Southampton (or NOCS). It was quiet but good to see where I will spend most of my time.
  • They drive left here! You knew that already, I know. But really. I am not used to it. It gets especially complicated with multiple-lane roundabouts. Can you imagine!
  • Oh and biking here gets to a whole new level. Apart from the left driving (which cyclists have to do too obviously), there are no bike lanes and every car driver drives so freaking fast. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that there are two-story busses waiting at every corner ready to hit you. Glad you’re wearing a helmet though… Not for me, I’ll take the bus this year.
  • I went to the Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition at the SeaCity Museum. These are my favorite pictures
Bence Maté - Portrait of a Pelican
Bence Máté – Portrait of a Pelican
Iago Leonardo - The disappearing fish
Iago Leonardo – The disappearing fish
Rudi Sebastian - Sand Canvas
Rudi Sebastian – Sand canvas

The latter I’d like to have hanging on my future wall in my future house, big! You should see his other photographs in his portfolio. I love abstract paintings and nature. This combines the two. And how cool are the silver fish (lookdowns) in the second photo? “The flanks of the lookdown are covered with minute, silvery scales that act almost like underwater mirrors. In the open ocean, this makes them almost invisible to predators and prey alike.”

  • Students get discounts on everything here. Even at H&M and Zara.
  • I went to the cinema. With myself. It was the best. I went to see Girls Trip and laughed my ass off. The chairs in this cinema are amazing – you can set it to lay back entirely!



2 thoughts on “10 Random facts

  1. Heerlijk de week beginnen met een berichtje van jou. Wat heb je al een hoop gedaan en gezien. Net door de portfolio gebladerd. Geweldige foto’s. Bijna niet echt. Je bent goed bezig want als de college’s beginnen zal er minder tijd zijn.
    Lieve groetjes,

    Ps is het de bedoeling dat wij de berichtjes in het engels schrijven?


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