Life here has finally started!

This week was the best week so far. Most of the students have moved into their halls (flats) and some have started lectures already. The halls are crowded and lively. I like it. Still missing two flatmates though haha. Tomorrow all courses start, so I wonder why they move in so late.

Thursday we had a coffee morning at the faculty (National Oceanography Centre). I went there with Molly, who is in my class and also lives in the same building as me. It was fun to find our way around the faculty (it is a MAZE! really) and see some of the rooms and facilities we will be using this year. When we arrived in the canteen we were surprised by there being only two other students and someone from the student Union (Union is not course related – he didn’t know about our studies or faculty). The two other girls were nice so we decided to go do some shopping and have coffee in the city centre. I really enjoyed this day. Evelyn, Sian and Molly are sweet and fun to hang out with. Finally some friends! And also; the sun was out!
In the evening we met up again for a movie night. At our halls we have this nook with a big screen and bean bags. We had wine and a real girls movie. Perfect day ❤

Bare legs day
My girls! Sian, Molly and Evelyn

On Friday we had induction day at the faculty. This was quite boring, with talks about safety and environmental management (‘lights of after you leave the room’, ‘separate your litter’ etc. We are way more advanced in this stuff in the Netherlands). I got to know more girls from my studies: Ani and Lizzy. All the girls went out for the Freshers Neon Party at night. I only joined for pre-drinks at Molly’s place. Just the right way for me, no clubs, just an easy cozy night.


This Saturday Lizzy and I met up with Rachel. Rachel is one of Molly’s roommates and has become one of my friends here right away. The three of us went sailing with Wessex sailing club. It was all laugher and fun! Such a good day again. We sailed a RS Venture, us and an instructor. Wind picked up and the sun came out again. Lucky us. In the afternoon we went for coffee and all took a nap at home, before movie night again!

Now it’s Sunday and tomorrow lectures start. I decided to take on an extra course (at least to begin with). I wanted to do this course so bad. International maritime and environmental law. I will see how it goes though, cause my schedule is packed!

Lectures schedule – 8 modules! Wish me luck



2 thoughts on “Life here has finally started!

  1. Van paar saaie eerste weken nu een gezellige week, TOP. Het ziet er allemaal heel gezellig uit maar wat een vol schema. Hoop dat je toch ook nog tijd blijft houden voor de film en ontmoetingen met de meiden. Succes met al jou plannen en hopelijk blijf er ook nog tijd over voor je blog.
    Lieve groetjes,


  2. Heerlijkom te zien dst het beter word leuke meiden . Ook een chinees meisje . En dat zeilen dan toppie . Druk schema maar lekker druk daar kom je Voor !! Groet vanuit corfu


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